I can’t explain!

August 24, 2006

I love how whenever scientists (usually physicists) can’t explain something they proclaim it’s dark.
Such as the news of ‘dark comets’, couresy of NASA.

However apparently another dark substance has been proven to exist! Yes, Dark Matter really does exist.


Snakes on a Muthafucking Awesome

August 21, 2006

Well, this afternoon I went down to the cinema, handed over my £7 (yes the cinema is a rip-off, welcome to the UK) and strapped in to watch Snakes On A Plane.

Samuel L Jackson played his normal cool, ‘don’t give a crap’ character, escorting the witness in a murder to LA.

It does exactly what it says on the tin. There’s snakes. On a Plane. With Samuel L Jackson.

Overall I enjoyed it, although I feel it lacks any re-watch value.
It truely is a novelty, but a good one.

The results are in…

August 17, 2006

After an agonizing wait of 4 hours since I woke up (which involved much pacing around the house) I went to pick up my A-level results.

D in ICT
D in Psychology
E in Chemistry.

Not too bad (really should have revised), enough to get me to Kingston University.

Now if I get that job, I’ll be incredibly happy.

Going to go see Snakes on a Plane tomorrow, or as my friend put it
Oh, and apparently some snakes are involved some how”
as sort of a celebration.

Which is great. I love the honesty of the title. Nothing like Star Wars (I never saw any stars fighting) or SpaceBalls, well maybe not the second, as there was plenty of space (and thankfully no balls).

They should rename all films so honestly.
So the Die Hard trilogy could become:
“John Maclane saves a tower full of hostages, killing 11 terrorists by himself”
“John Maclane (again) saves a plane full of hostages, killing 11 terrorists by himself”
and finally
“John Maclane saves dumptrucks full of gold with a black colored man”

And news just in All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us


August 16, 2006

Someone recently point me to Last.FM a supposedly social music/radio site.
So, I signed up and installed iScrobbler.

Here is my profile page, so you can follow what I listen to.

In other news, less than 24 hours till I find out my A-level results, and which university I go to.
Send me good thoughts people :P

Although looking at the papers and the UK educations department nearly 100% pass rate at A-level, I should have nothing to worry about. Of course it is only nearly…

Google Ad-Nonsense?

August 15, 2006

Woah, you guys are lucky, I’m posting yet again!
I’ve managed to wade back from my job interview (it’s raining in the UK), and decided to make a post here, after reading The Register’s article here.

Googling the word ‘Jews’ turned up this ebay advert:
Looking for Jews
Fantastic low prices here.
Feed your passion on eBay.co.uk!

‘Muslims’ throws up a similar result:
Find Muslims!
Buy Muslims on eBay

Yet, ‘Christians’ turns up a fairly sensible one (Christian music CDs):
Bargain Christians
Fantastic low prices on CDs
Buy It. Sell It. Love It. eBay.

I mean, I know ebay is good, but is it really right to buy people? :P

In other news, Aliens prefer FireFox over other browsers.

Biplane Google Maps

August 9, 2006

Someone has created a flash game that allows you to fly a biplane over some areas of the world using Google Maps.

It’s pretty fun. You can even spiral down to your own death, and shoot at nothing in particular.

Also, I apologize to any regular readers for the lack of updates, I haven’t had the time, what with World of Warcraft, work, looking for more work, and panicing about results for university.


July 26, 2006

“Just Fuck around” is the tagline of PornoTube a youtube clone for porn. As you can guess it’s NSFW.
I myself might have gone for “Tagged for your pleasure” or something more subtle.

The site is well presented and has a fair amount of content which is tagged with things like ‘insertion’ ‘cucumber’ ‘mushroom’ ‘doggy’ etc. The main division is between Straight content and Gay content.
The easiest way to navigate is by clicking a tag that interests you.

I read about this site on this blog.

The main problem I can see is the US governments ‘US Government law 18 USC 2257’ law.
This means they have to keep records about all ‘models’ who appear on the site, something impossible to do.
A similar fate befell the nude section of RateMyCamelToe as well as a lot of the other ‘Rate My…’ sites.
For the record when I checked today:
Your IP Address: Charlotte, NC, UNITED STATES
Geolocation service provided by HostIP/


July 20, 2006

We all love error messages.
They can be informative, helpful or sometimes downright funny (or stupid, depending on whether it happens to you).
For some examples of the latter visit here (The Daily WTF).
Thanks to Imageshack for hosting these.
Here is another example of a funny one
Here is an example of a truthful one from fish4.

The Register also has some ‘erroorrr massages’.

One featuring Homestar Runner.

And lastly, here is a downright sexy one (NSFW).
When Hentaipalm comes back, I might have to have a look at their pirates :P


July 18, 2006

Ok, time for a little rant today.
For many years, men had more influence than women.
This was, I feel introduced by the Christian church.
Before that Paganism existed which was mainly about balance and equality.
Light and Dark, Men and Women; each has it’s opposite.
This maintains the balance.

The Christian church, however put forward the idea that Man was created first and was therefore superior. This idea lasted throughout the middle ages up until the feminist movement during the 20th century.

Since then the table has turned, and woman are often the one with more influence.
For example, in many divorce cases, the women get to keep the money, the house, the children, nearly everything (unless of course it is settled outside of court and the couple split up on amicable terms). This leaves the man with nothing, and he is forced into a bedsit with Ikea furniture.

Other examples lay in the work place.
Women expect that they should still have a job when they come back after having a baby. If a man were to have to take 6 months off work, he most likely wouldn’t have a job to go back to.
Although, apparently ‘paternity’ leave is becoming more common.

Further examples lay in the (in)justice system (the UK judicial system is a mess, but that’s another rant). I present two stories about similar cases; Teachers having sexual relations with pupils.
One teacher is female, the other is male. They had a relationship with a pupil of the opposite sex.
Yet, the female teacher is given only 4 and a half years.
The male teacher, however was given a longer sentance (although I can’t find out how long).
There are several stories at the moment of this nature and most of the time the women get off with being sacked, and perhaps a short jail sentance.
Yet males are branded ‘sick pedophiles’ and given lengthly jail sentances.

People need to accept that men and woman are different, and to stop fighting for an artificial ‘equality’. We are geared towards different things.
I have nothing against women working and doing everything men can do. At some things, especially things that involve empathising and emotions, women are better. This includes most care jobs; as well as things like advertising and public relations.
Men are more geared towards single goal tasks with logical and clear cut solutions such as sciences.

Men can’t mutli-task like women, but this gives us an advantage when it comes to things like science or physical work, as we aren’t likely to wander off and do something else.

Men and women are geared towards different roles. There is some overlap, but nature isn’t into redundancy. Why would two sexes (almost separate species) have evolved (possibly another rant at some point) that have the same roles?

Anyway, got your own opinion? I hope you have, if not you’re cattle, nothing else, then write a comment.

A Dastardly Plan

July 14, 2006

Further to the post I made below (about someone trying to purchase a controlling share in Google) I feel I have uncovered a dastardly, or possibly fiendish plot.

The $74bn is transferred into a PayPal account.
What if PayPal think this is criminal and block the account?
They keep the $74bn and earn a huge amount of interest OR they could buy the controlling share of Google.
It’s the latter that’s the worry.
Then they combine to form a Google/Ebay/Skype/Paypal company (or robot?) and the lizard masters shall descend from above.
I call this combination of evil EooglPalpe.