Let’s Review…

Well, I’m still alive. Still unemployed too.

Today I bring you a quick review of this product, the Logitech stereo premium headset.

My lovely GameWare (from the video shop Game, oddly enough) recently stopped pumping sound to my left ear. After checking the wiring and stuff I couldn’t find anything wrong so I went in search of a new pair of headphones. Well, I say I searched, I happend to be in a stationary store (Staples) and saw some headphones and grabbed a mid range pair. They cost £19.99, but I though what the hell.

Got them home, unwrapped them and started to play CS. For starters the microphone boom is quite short. ‘Uh Oh’ I thought as a plugged them in and put them on my head. Oh well, I have a loud voice anyway. Then I started listening to the game a little. It sounded quite flat, and to be honest crap. Yet, music is kinda acceptable quality. But not as good as my GameWare set that were half the price. These are going straight back, and I’ll go in search of some GameWare ones (which don’t look like they’re made anymore =/ ) . Nice try Logitech, have another go (no, I refuse to pay £50 for your premium super USB headset).


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