Not very friendly…

Well, I thought today I’d grab Vista RC1 see if it supports my wifi card.

So, I open my mail client, go to the Vista download page and grab the URL, past it into Wget.

It closes after a few seconds. I looked at the output and saw this:

Length: -1,585,184,768 [application/octet-stream]

Semms MS are sending a fake content length field to stop ‘other’ download managers. That’s not very friendly.

Now, I don’t want to use the java download manager that they supply, and can’t use the Activex manager.

But luckily where there is a will there is a workaround.

Wget supports ignoring the content length field, using –ignore-length.

Hooray! So now I have to wait several hours to download this beta quality software and watch it drive me slowly insane with it’s greying window whenever I want to make a change to my system settings (or the antivirs runs, or anything really).


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