Google Madness

Google is a very powerful tool. So powerful it indexs stuff you might not want people to see.

A well known one is searching for passwords, often to adult sites, using a search such as “http://*:*@ domain”. Well for a year or two now I’ve known that google can sometimes pick up webcams using search terms like “inurl:ViewerFrame?Mode=” will pick up certain makes of IP cameras.

Well today I discovered it will pick up some NAS units too. Go Google “intitle:Network Attached Storage Utility”. You’ll pick up several linksys units.

I wonder what the legal standpoint on this is? Is it hacking? Is it against the law?

Find more ‘special’ search terms <a href=>here</a> at


2 Responses to “Google Madness”

  1. Visitor907 Says:

    I have visited your site 032-times

  2. Visitor982 Says:

    I could not find this site in the Search Engines index

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