“Just Fuck around” is the tagline of PornoTube a youtube clone for porn. As you can guess it’s NSFW.
I myself might have gone for “Tagged for your pleasure” or something more subtle.

The site is well presented and has a fair amount of content which is tagged with things like ‘insertion’ ‘cucumber’ ‘mushroom’ ‘doggy’ etc. The main division is between Straight content and Gay content.
The easiest way to navigate is by clicking a tag that interests you.

I read about this site on this blog.

The main problem I can see is the US governments ‘US Government law 18 USC 2257’ law.
This means they have to keep records about all ‘models’ who appear on the site, something impossible to do.
A similar fate befell the nude section of RateMyCamelToe as well as a lot of the other ‘Rate My…’ sites.
For the record when I checked today:
Your IP Address: Charlotte, NC, UNITED STATES
Geolocation service provided by HostIP/


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