Whilst browsing the Internet today I came across The Food Museum. They even have a shop but they don’t sell food there (which is pretty good because muesum food often tastes old and costs a lot of money).

What has this to do with potatoes you ask?

Well, they linked to a website called The Potato Museum. I’m amazed people use the internet for stuff like this. Anyway if you do visit be sure to visit the Potato Art Gallery and The Potato hall of fame. Those men in the pictures aren’t potatoes themselves, but they have done things with potatoes (I’d assume anyway).

Sorry about the lack of reading material and my absence on #DSDev, but I’ve been looking for a job and playing computer games way too much. That’s what leaving school does for you.

I unfortunately didn’t get the job at my school, because they want someone long term, so more than a year. They have however offered me some work for a couple of days in the summer (paid of course) so that’s something to look forward to.

And thanks Stonecyph for calling me a grumpy old man. It’s what I am (and I’m only 17! :( ) although not quite as picky as you yet.


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