I started…

I started my free 10 day trial of World of Warcraft on Sunday.
If it wasn’t for that monthly fee I would rush out and buy it.
I don’t know whether I can truly justify £9 ($15) a month for this game.
Hell, they could charge me £60 for the game and I’d HAPPILY pay provided there wasn’t a monthly fee.
Might try out GuildWars. It’s similar and there’s no monthly fee.

WoW is getting slightly boring now. It always involves running to the other side of the map, slaying some monsters, dumping some gear to make room for the quest item and running back.
If it wasn’t for some nice people I met I’d have gone crazy.
Getting a pet was fun though (he’s called Cat because I haven’t thought of a better name), especially helping someone else get one (they didn’t realize they’d used up all the charges in the taming wand *sigh*). Once you get a pet, being a hunter is much easier as your pet keeps the enemy away. When I didn’t have a pet I had to use a druid or something like that.

The game IS very addictive (as addictive as I remembered anyway, I had an account all the way back in the Beta) as I’ve clocked up about 24 hours over 5 days.

Looking for a job though, so it’s not like I have anything better to do.

It still feels almost Beta to me though, as there are frequent server restarts and lots of lag.
When the server lags up you can’t even log out!

Bit of a rant today, but I feel better for it.
Anyway, this site has lots of reasons why people left or thought about leaving WoW.


One Response to “I started…”

  1. shough Says:

    I played WoW when it first was released, managed to get 4 level 60`s, it just sapped my time away until I would nearly fall asleep at the monitor.. Get rid of that drug my friend:)

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