Most Intelligent Quake Player Ever

Researchers in a university in Texas have grown a ‘brain’ that plays Quake 3.
The cells, taken from a dog, were placed in a dish completely unconnected.
Over a period of time they joined and began to ‘compute’.
They were hooked up to a game of Quake 3 and after 9 days of training were able to locate and engage a bot.
Check the link for some videos of the brain in action (either that or it’s a n00b not sure :P).

In other news I applied for a job at my school (which I am leaving in a week, gotta finish my exams). It’s got a flashy title “Assistant Network Manager”, but basically means I will be lugging computers around the school (they’re replacing all 300 machines this summer) and fixing computers. It’s what I really want to do and the pay (£16000 minimum) isn’t too bad either.
They say your school days are the happiest of your life so I thought I’d continue them :P


One Response to “Most Intelligent Quake Player Ever”

  1. MaHe Says:

    Friggin’ awesome o_o
    My cat can play Quake 3!

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