After AMD announced it’s plans for 4x4x4x4x4 which involves “Four processors, 4 GPUs, fed by 4 [GB] of memory, four hard drives and four times the fun.”.

Currently you could create a quad core machine using a 2 CPU slot motherboard.

This got me thinking though. How about something better. Create an SLI style port on a mother board. Hook up several motherboards. What have you got? 4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4, exactly.
4 motherboards, with 4 slots, with quad cores gives you 64 CPUs (reminds me of that machine from Uplink, which had all those cores).
And then you could take the motherboards and fill their RAM slots. 4 slots filled with 2Gbyte sticks. On 4 boards. For a total of 32Gbyte of RAM. And with the Quad SLI boards coming out, you could have 16 graphics cards (assuming each motherboard had 2 x PCI-E). Then attach 4 drives to each motherboard and you have upto 12 Terabytes of storage (providing you use 750Gbyte HDs which are the largest I can find).

I hate to think of the power draw, you’d need a huge case and it would be noisy. But boy would it own.


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