On a scale of 1 to awesome…

I waited by my PC.
The time came.
The clock struck 6pm in the UK.
“Unlocking Half-Life 2: Episode 1”
\o/, I thought.
“Decrypting Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Files”
I waited.
I got kinda bored and got up to get a drink.
I downloaded the newest drivers for my dual 6800GTs, and then updated.
I had to restart (windows update and the graphics drivers).
I log back in, load up Steam.
I clicked play.
The fans roared into life (two Zalman coolers on the GTs, a 120mm case fan and a 60mm PSU fan).
The hard disk activity light blinked.
My heart raced.
The annoying guy with a valve in his eye appeared, I pressed Esc.
I clicked New Game.
And I was Gordon Freeman.
I played through the first couple of chapters (I am on Urban Flight now) in a couple of hours.
I then went and watched House.
So I came to tell you my verdict on this installment.
Well, on a scale of 1 to awesome, it’s AWESOME.
Since the first Half-Life all those years ago, I have loved this series.
I mean, I’ve played and completed the original HL2 about 6 times (that’s a lot of replayability).
And then there are all those mods.
For me, what sets the HL series apart from the typical “If it moves shoot it, if it doesn’t shoot it anyway incase it explodes or leads to a secret” FPS games, is the story.
I mean the graphics are beautiful (as is your companion :P), but the story is well thought out, as are the little puzzles along the way. I first played this game on an X300, at 800×600 with no AA and no AF, it was still awesome.
So, in summary. Awesome.


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