Roundup (no not the weed killer)

For my third post today, I shall post some links that made me laugh or that I just enjoyed reading.
How not to Lead Geeks. The quote “Don’t be mean to nerds, you’ll end up working for them one day” comes to mind.
World Fire Maps (article). Got some marshmallows? Find your local fire and go and toast them. Link to actual map page
MPAA employed a hacker?. Notice though, how some law suits still haven’t been followed up (such as the against and IsoHunt). I think they are just attacking anyone and everyone myself, and that copyright law needs changing (as do the profit margins of the record and film industries).
Even faster graphics cards. HD gaming might soon be in my price range (hoping they drop the price on the 7800s).
We need more power as the latest core from Intel needs 120W of power. Add to that your graphics cards and you will start to require 800W PSUs just to boot a machine.
Useful script for MacBook and MacBookPro owners allowing them to tap the machine to close windows, go to sleep, use Expose and stuff. This came after the MacBook/MacBookPro Lightsaber hack.
Phew, I think that’s all for today.


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