Music, The Beast and iPod Shoes

Well, Google are apparently looking into music according to their robots.txt file.

Here is a website with details of the number of the beast (666) in sort of the world, found after reading a The Register article about the mobile phone number which sold for $1.5 million containing 666 6666.

iPod accessories are getting out of control. Now Nike want to make an ‘iPod shoe’. It’s a “wireless system that integrates Nike shoes with the popular digital music device.

The Nike+iPod Sports Kit will retail for about $29 and be available within two months.”

Also, this article talks about the dangers of packagin.

A company in America has apparently come up with “85-100%” invisible to the human eye cloaking gear. No hard proof though.

“Whos needs sleep? Well you’re never gonna get it” goes the song by the Bare Naked Ladies. Well maybe thanks to the miracle of science *awaits roll of thunder* NEVER!


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