Sweet Sweet Monkey Lovin’

Ever been watching the recent Planet of the Apes film and sat there thinking:
“Damn, those apes are hawt, I’d hit it”
and then the other side of your brain kicks in and says:
“Dude, they’re MONKEIES. It’s wrong and illegal (in most countries)”
Well I have had a conversation similar to this several times (once with my mates too).
Ross Noble (Geordie comedian) has also had a similar conversation with himself (although on his show he ended up with a monkey in a trilby. Seriously watch it. This first show is called Unrealtime, and I enjoyed it. Probably because he likes to waffle on about random crap like me. His second DVD is called Sonic Waffle)

Well apparently our ancestors did get jiggy with the monkies.
Reported both on Yahoo News and El Reg.


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