How to piss off your cat

Cat’s like computers right?
They surf the internet, read e-mails, participate in forum communities worldwide and play online games like Counter-Strike and World of Warcraft.
So why would you want software like this to deter your cat from his online activities?
Well apparently some people do.

“When cats walk or climb on your keyboard, they can enter random commands and data, damage your files, and even crash your computer. This can happen whether you are near the computer or have suddenly been called away from it.

PawSense is a software utility that helps protect your computer from cats. It quickly detects and blocks cat typing, and also helps train your cat to stay off the computer keyboard.”

These people think cats are malicous almost like babies.

“If, when you’ve been away from the computer, you’ve had some files deleted, windows moved around oddly, your computer reconfigured mysteriously…your cat may have done it by pressing random keyboard shortcuts.”

I mean I think that’s taking it a little too far. But whatever, I love my 3 cats personally, especially when they contribute to my psychology essays.


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