Empty Feeling

Tuesday night and my PC (which had been up 6 days since it killed the partition table) blue screened.
Ok, i think to myself, i’ll just reboot.
When I reboot, I never get to the login screen. It just gets to a black screen with the mouse cursor.
No, problem I’ll do a repair.
So I put in my Windows CD and opt to repair my installation.
Reboot, same problem (black screen with mouse cursor).
At this point I got kind of worried as I had to have coursework in the day after (Thursday) and I didn’t have time to reinstall windows and finish my coursework.

As a precaution all my work is kept on my trusty mac, so it didn’t matter if I had to nuke the drive (and the mac is backed up twice weekly too).
So I tried to restore from a disk image I had lying around, only to find that the image was corrupt.

It really wasn’t my night. So I got some sleep and began reinstalling in the morning.
After I had reinstalled everything (wireless NIC drivers, video card drivers, MS Office, AVG, Ad-Aware, Firefox, Thunderbird, iTunes, Windows updates) all the big stuff, and finished tweaking my system (I use this guide btw) I was left with a feeling I was missing something.
Then I realised it. All the little (and free) tools that I had collected.

Anyway, that was a little back story for those who care.
A few of tools that I can’t live without and so had to get immediatley:
CD Burner XP Pro I use it for burning DVD and CDs. Very feature full and free.
Gadwin PrintScreen I used it for my coursework, as it dumps screen captures (in several formats including PNG and JPG) straight to file.
7-zip I use this a lot for extracting rars, tars and bzips.

So eventually I handed in my coursework (after spending 6 hours reinstalling Windows) on the Thursday all complete.


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