Yes, It’s still called Wii

Well, the Nintendo E3 Conference stream has just finished, and I am shaking (and I wasonly watching a LQ stream).
Nintendo did not comment on the price of the console and just said it would be “affordable”.
They also said it would be available in the fourth quarter, prehaps aiming for a Christmas release.

Both the wiimote and the nunchuck bit (with the stick) have motion sensors.
They announced several Wii games including Zelda:Twilight Princess (as a LAUNCH title no less), Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Red Steel, Pilotwings and Super Mario Galaxy. A four player tennis game was also shown, with each player using their wiimote like a tennis raquet.

Although Sony have tacked on a motion sensor for the PS3 remotes, it doesn’t hold a candle to the Nintendo controller. The Nintendo controller features a speaker on the wiimote, which in games like Zelda will make it sound like you are drawing a bow (the sound of the string taughtening). It also features vibration (unlike Sony’s).

Nintendo also announced Starfox and Diddy Kong Racing for the DS.

Link to Wii Homepage


One Response to “Yes, It’s still called Wii”

  1. Whacko Says:

    z0mg hau do yu no! that is soo cool. I goonn abuy 1!!!!111 :)

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