We all know we need to exercise (and some of us actually do) but how often do you exercise your eyes?
Your eyes are possibly the most used organs in the body, as they are in use for like 16 hours a day (ok, the heart does more work as it beats 24/7).
Many people wear glasses, because their eyes are deformed, and whilst exercising them won’t improve your vision, it will help stop them becoming tired (for those Counter-Strike marathons).
Basically these exercises aim to either increase circulation or the strength of the muscles.
1. ‘Splashing’ – Splash your closed eyes 20 times with warm then cold water
2. ‘Sunning’ – Close your eyes and look at the sun. Feel the warmth on your eyes? Make sure to warm the corners.
3. ‘Rolling’ – Roll your eyes clockwise 20 times (open or closed) then repeat counter clockwise
4. ‘Focusing’ – Focus on something close (like 2ft) then something far away. Blink, and switch between the two objects. Repeat.

*If you blind or injure yourself following these procedures I take no responibility, nor do I care*


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