VGCats #194

This comic answers one of the greatest questions know to mankind.
What is inside Whinnie the Pooh?
I like VGCats and just the other day read all the strips.
I like the humour and the art style of Scott.

Some of my favourite strips I found on my trip through the issues were:
FF Partying
Cletus Brand Chocobos
That’s Saying a Mouthful (Aliens)
Cuckoo Puffs (Zelda)
New Kids On the Blech (Full Metal Botanists? =D)

Those are just 5 VGCats of the 194. Hell, I love (nearly) all of them.
*JaJa has a thing for Aeris =)


One Response to “VGCats #194”

  1. parrot Says:

    Heh, I suspected Pooh was just that

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