First blog, first post.

Well, I finally got a blog.
So many people have them now I would have seemed a recluse or a wierdo if I didn’t have one also.
So, I type into Google “blog hosting”.
Which gave me just a few results:
Results 1 – 10 of about 199,000,000 for blog hosting. (0.22 seconds)
So then I scrolled down and found something that was well known.
WordPress. So many people have WordPress blogs, so I thought, why the hell shouldn’t I?
Then I had to spend ages trying to find a username that wasn’t taken or invalid.
I mean what does this guy think he’s doing?
What a waste. If you check the comments there is someone else who wants to use as well.
So I sat back and thought
“What am I going to put in my blog?”
“Random stuff” said another part of me
“No shit sherlock” I replied.
So anyway, I went with pageofrandom, although now I look at it, it reads a bit like page o frandom which is strange.
Any way, that was probably the story of my first blog and my first post. On the other hand it could be made up.
Do not read if you suffer from heart disorders.


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