October 6, 2007

Alas, nothing became of my previous post.

It was too much hassle to wake up early to photograph my beard for a bunch of… what?


A treat…

March 10, 2007

Over the coming weeks you get to do something amazing.
You can watch MY BEARD GROW!

My boss told me to shave on Friday, so this morning I did.
I will proceed to photograph my facial hair at least once a day.
I already have a before and after picture from this morning.

I need to grab them from my phone, and I shall post them.
Enjoy (or else…)


February 6, 2007

Wow, it’s dusty here.

It’s like a  book you’ve left on the shelf and been meaning to get back to.

Anyway, I’ve been away working in the South West of the UK, near a town called Totnes. I do love Devon.

They went back from whence the came.

November 17, 2006

Well, luckily my mum was going back out again. So I took the headphones back. Oddly enough I was given the exact same £20 note, in exchange for the headphones and a penny, which was the one they gave me in change.

It’s an odd world.

Let’s Review…

November 17, 2006

Well, I’m still alive. Still unemployed too.

Today I bring you a quick review of this product, the Logitech stereo premium headset.

My lovely GameWare (from the video shop Game, oddly enough) recently stopped pumping sound to my left ear. After checking the wiring and stuff I couldn’t find anything wrong so I went in search of a new pair of headphones. Well, I say I searched, I happend to be in a stationary store (Staples) and saw some headphones and grabbed a mid range pair. They cost £19.99, but I though what the hell.

Got them home, unwrapped them and started to play CS. For starters the microphone boom is quite short. ‘Uh Oh’ I thought as a plugged them in and put them on my head. Oh well, I have a loud voice anyway. Then I started listening to the game a little. It sounded quite flat, and to be honest crap. Yet, music is kinda acceptable quality. But not as good as my GameWare set that were half the price. These are going straight back, and I’ll go in search of some GameWare ones (which don’t look like they’re made anymore =/ ) . Nice try Logitech, have another go (no, I refuse to pay £50 for your premium super USB headset).

Not very friendly…

September 24, 2006

Well, I thought today I’d grab Vista RC1 see if it supports my wifi card.

So, I open my mail client, go to the Vista download page and grab the URL, past it into Wget.

It closes after a few seconds. I looked at the output and saw this:

Length: -1,585,184,768 [application/octet-stream]

Semms MS are sending a fake content length field to stop ‘other’ download managers. That’s not very friendly.

Now, I don’t want to use the java download manager that they supply, and can’t use the Activex manager.

But luckily where there is a will there is a workaround.

Wget supports ignoring the content length field, using –ignore-length.

Hooray! So now I have to wait several hours to download this beta quality software and watch it drive me slowly insane with it’s greying window whenever I want to make a change to my system settings (or the antivirs runs, or anything really).

Whores of Warcraft

September 17, 2006

This was on the front page of Digg a few days back (I’ve been busy job hunting, hence the lack of bloggage).

Anyway, it’s a site called <a href=>Whores of Warcraft</a>.

It’s a fantasy porn site, loosely based on Warcraft, although I’d probably say it covers just about all the fantasy games. They’ve only got 1 episode up, but it looks interesting to say the least. Shame it’s commercial. Might have to dig up some money and take a peek.


September 7, 2006

I read an article in the paper today about a learning bot called <a href=>Jabberwacky.</a>

Of course I had to go and play with it.

Sometimes the bot is highly contradictory. For example:

19:18:06 Jabberwacky: I love pop music, anything that can make me sing and dance.
19:18:24 User: I prefer metal myself.
19:18:25 Jabberwacky: I prefer Trav.
19:18:35 User: What’s Trav?
19:18:36 Jabberwacky: I don’t know.
19:19:17 User: Then how can you prefer it?
19:19:30 Jabberwacky: I don’t.
19:19:39 User: You just said you did.
19:19:56 Jabberwacky: Not really.
19:20:37 User: You are highly contradictory.

Yet othertimes it can be strangely humanesque

19:13:36 User: NO, I am Sparticus!
19:13:38 Jabberwacky: More lies!
19:13:53 User: Are you Sparticus?
19:14:03 Jabberwacky: Yes.
19:14:24 User: Aha! I knew it.
19:14:41 Jabberwacky: How?
19:14:58 User: I just had a feeling.

Google Madness

September 3, 2006

Google is a very powerful tool. So powerful it indexs stuff you might not want people to see.

A well known one is searching for passwords, often to adult sites, using a search such as “http://*:*@ domain”. Well for a year or two now I’ve known that google can sometimes pick up webcams using search terms like “inurl:ViewerFrame?Mode=” will pick up certain makes of IP cameras.

Well today I discovered it will pick up some NAS units too. Go Google “intitle:Network Attached Storage Utility”. You’ll pick up several linksys units.

I wonder what the legal standpoint on this is? Is it hacking? Is it against the law?

Find more ‘special’ search terms <a href=>here</a> at


August 26, 2006

Someone has taken the time to BBQ a piece of meat using the combined power of 30 USB sockets.
I hear you gasp in wonder.
I once fried an egg on a P3, using some foil. We used it to boil water too.